Lawyer Endorsements

"I am a divorce attorney with over 20 years of experience. I hired Margaret to help me with a complex divorce trial because I knew of her talent in this area and we won everything for our client. I have also witnessed her skill in negotiating settlements. She is always on time with deadlines, and produces a superior product that tells the client's story, and is skilled with direct and cross examination. Margaret is a sensitive and caring person combined with the aggressiveness and knowledge to get the best results. She uses strategy to best advocate for a client that rises to the level of excellence. I have recommended Margaret to several potential clients." - Barbara Varon

Client Endorsements

"Ms. Bender represented me in a very contentious custody matter. When I first met with her I was scared and considered giving in to my ex, but she kept my children's best interests at heart and stopped me from making a costly mistake. Her vast knowledge of family law is amazing and she aggressively represented me through trial. Margaret is a competent, respected attorney who excels under pressure--I would recommend her to anyone!" - Jessica P.

"Margaret was assertive and able to achieve the result I needed when settling this very difficult case." - Greg B.

"Margaret handled my complex divorce case which involved relocation, child custody, and property division. The odds were clearly stacked against us, but she did an excellent job in the trial that lasted several weeks. Thanks to her experience as a skilled trial attorney, I have obtained successful results." - Stephanie Z.

"Margaret made me feel included in the decisions we were making that impacted my life. Her knowledge of the law and courts helped reassure me that I was in good hands and I was very happy with the outcome. Her staff was very welcoming and professional." - Mike M.